Art and Artists have never mattered more than during this time in a worldwide pandemic. COVID19 is set out to keep people apart with social distancing, self-isolation, curfews and lockdowns, it’s a great task to artist to keep us connected.

It’s a blessing that we are in an era of technology which has allowed artists to swap events and museums for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and various more apps.

Other artists have resulted to performances outside of their balconies or outside of their cars in the streets for those who are not able to have access to the internet and various apps.

It is safe to say that artists play a huge role during this times of uncertainty. Without movies, music, books, visual art pieces or even memes to get us through the day as we are stuck at home, we would be fighting mental health problems just as much as we are fighting COVID19.

Thus, it’s important to go out of our way to support our artists. Support can be shown in many ways; by sharing their work with others, paying for their online services, buying their products or tuning in to their live broadcasts for moral support.

To support African artists and stay connected with other humans in the world join our We Are One Africa virtual concert this Saturday on the 23rd of May from 10pm live.

All the proceeds going to AMREF Health Africa COVID-19 Response Fund.

By Esther Masaa

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